Tuesday 15 March 2016

Gimnazjum nr 14 im. J. Gutenberga Fundacji Szkolnej in Greece

Crete, Palekastro 21.02.- 26.02.2016


21.02.2016 – we arrived in Athens. 

22.02.2016 – we arrived in Crete, made first walks around Iraklion, found transport to Sitia – and did the first project working meeting there.



23.02.2016 -On Tuesday we went to the school in Palekastro for presentations. We spent all the day there, showing our works, sharing knowledge. Then we went to an amazing folklore museum. It was great because we were able to see how a typical Cretan house looked like 100 years ago. After that we went to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island - Vai Beach. It looked like a place from dreams: palms, sand, water and pretty landscapes. 

24.02.2016 - On Wednesday we went to Cretan National Park to see the Dead George in Zakros. It  was 2,5 km long but it was really incredible. There were red, orange and grey types of stones there. Once in the caves up in the mountains people used to bury the dead, hence the name of the gorge. Next we went to a local olive oil factory  and a local vineyard to see how they make olive oil and wine on Crete and it was really interesting. The next stop was Monastery Moni Toplou. We went inside, but we couldn’t take any photos, so you have to believe me it was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

25.02.2016 - On our way back to Iraklion we visited the Cretan Aquarium and the Museum of Natural History. We even had a chance to try out an earthquake simulator. Thankfully our stomachs survived.

26.02.2016 – In the early morning we made the last trip – we visited a site of ancient  palace in Knossos, which was absolutely amazing. Later we went to the airport to take our flight back home.

Thank you our friends in Crete!
Goodbye in Bulgaria!


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