Thursday 7 April 2016

Italian students are ready for Sofia!!

Elena Rossi

Hi! I’m Elena and I’m 13 years old.
I’m low and normal build, I have long blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes.
I wear glasses, but only at school, because I don’t like them.
I love wearing ripped jeans and big shirts, I like to be fashionable and have many shoes.
I attend the seventh grade at school in a small town called Bibbiena.
Bibbiena is a fraction of a valley called Casentino. I don’t live in the town center but in a nearby mountain, then when I want to go to school or to the town center I have to take a car and I must go a small road.
My house is big and there are two families that live besides us.
My family is made up of my mother, my father, my brother and I.
My mother's name's Paola, she works as accountant in a city next to Bibbiena, she likes cooking and shopping.
My father's name's Daniele, he works as a representative of buildings and he's always away for business, he likes playing golf and fishing.
Gabriele is my brother, he's a truck driver, he likes music and he plays the drums.
During the week I usually go to school, my lessons start at 8:25 am and end at 1:25 pm.
I play volleyball on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, instead of Saturday I go skiing.
On Saturday night, after dinner, I usually go out with my friends in town.
I love drawing, I think I'm also pretty good, my dad taught me and when I do a drawing he always explains how to improve.
I also like going shopping with my mom, she always advised me what to buy even if I never listen to her :)
In summer I play golf with my father or I go to the swimming pool with my mother.
In winter I ski with my friends.

I would love to travel all around the world but I've been in a few places outside of Italy .. I went to Tunisia for the honeymoon of my parents and in Poland with Comenius project. I can’t wait to go to Bulgaria, I am convinced it will be a wonderful experience.

Chiara Sassoli

My name is Chiara Sassoli, I’m  twelve years old.
I’m from Bibbiena, a small town in Tuscany.
I’m not very tall, I’ve got blond curly hair and green eyes.
I’m very active and I love dancing, infact that’s my passion.
In my free time I go out with my best friends.
My family is made up of my mother Stefania, my father Stefano my brother Matteo, he's seventeen years old, and me.
This year I bought a fantastic dog, an Akita Americano, his name is Demon.
I love playing and walking with him.
I’m very happy to do this trip and meet new people.
See you soon :))

Elisabetta Versari

I’m Elisabetta Versari and I’m an Italian student.
I’m twelve  years  old, I was born in Arezzo on 04/08/2003
 I live in Ortignano, a little country village in Toscana near Arezzo and Firenze.
I go to Bibbiena to Bernardo Dovizi school by bus every day.
I like Italian literature, history, English and French languages and maths.
I don’t like music or geography very much.
In my classroom there are 21 students: from Italy, Morocco, Macedonia, Romania, China  and from India.
I live with my parents and my brother, in our house.
I love a lot my house because there is a big garden around it.
My brother’s name is Alessandro and he’s fifteen years old.
He attends the ITIS school in Bibbiena too,  it is a technical school and he studies informatics.
My mother’s name is Vittoria, she is an office worker in an electronic industry.
My father’s name is Paolo, he is a factory worker in an iron industry.
I’m tall and slim. I 've got brown eyes and long brown hair.
I like watching TV, listening to music and reading books.
In my free time I have dance lessons (three times a week), I dance hip pop and modern - classical dance.
I usually go to the cinema on Sunday and I often go out with my friends on Saturday.
My favourite food are pizza and chocolate and I like fruits juice too but I don’t like meat very much.
My favourite animal is the dog and my aunt has got one beautiful dog.
My aunt's dog’s name is Ailin and I love it a lot. I don’t like spiders.
My typical day:
in the morning I have a small breakfast, then I go to school at the 7.30 a.m. by  bus; at 10.30 I have another breakfast at school. At the end of the lessons, at 1:35 a.m., I go to my grandmother for the lunch.
In the afternoon, I return to my house and I do my  homework.
I often go dancing from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
In the evening I have a shower and I have dinner with my family, then I watch TV or listen to music in my bedroom.
I hope to meet you soon and I hope we'll become friends.

Elisabetta Versari 

Lisa Angioloni

I’m Lisa, 
I’m twelve years old and I attend the middle school in Bibbiena. I’ve got a lot of hobbies. I like reading, especially thrillers, I love playing the piano, I’ve played it since I was three, then I’ve done rhythmic gymnastics for seven years.
My family is made up of four people: my mother, Simonetta, my father, Andrea, my brother, Luca and I. In my free time I like meeting my friends, going out with them or riding my bike. 
Bye, see you soon!!! :-))

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