Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Earth month in Artis school

Our students have a natural interest to study more about the nature and the principles on which is based its balance. We decided to build higher interest giving more information to the students about how we can preserve the nature and take care of it. In April our school celebrates The Earth month. One of our activities was to equip the school with bins for separate litter collection from Ecopack company. The company gave to the students special books too, in which funny characters and games told the children how the litter became a new material/product for a new usage. “The students were enthusiastic about the books. They didn’t notice how lessons ended and were amazed from the facts they had read about what we save when we recycle” – said the teacher of first grade Evdokia Assenova. From special books, made by Ecopack company, the children have found ideas to make decoration from waste.

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