Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Sierra de Guadarrama landscape, from La Granja de San Ildefonso Palace, 1872

The Autonomous Body of National Parks, organizes this exhitition with historical character about Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.
This exhibition pretends to bring the new National Park to visitors, making a walk through the landscapes of the park, the ethnography, traditional jobs and costumes of the area, turism, sports, arquitecture, industry, communications, culture, history and biography of people related to the mountain.
Pictures illustrates different aspects of the Park. Some of them have been selected by their didactical, aesthetical and informative character and show interesting aspects of Sierra de Guadarrama territory, even if they have been kept out of the limits of the Park.
This exhibition also represents a recognition to the previous generations who have been able to leave a precious cultural and educational patrimony and have left examples of sustainable integration of traditional activities in the environment, establishing what we have to protect for future.

Military exercises in Boca del Asno, Valsain, 1906

Navacerrada test circuit layout. Navacerrada Port, 1903

Girls dancing in La Peñote campsite, Cercedilla, 1942

Buses and hikers in Boca del Asno, Valsaín, 1933

Expeditionary in La Pedriza, Manzanares el Real, 1900

Hiker in La Pedriza, 1904

Cars competition in Navacerrada, Cercedilla 1904

Pine trees lowering from the mountain, 1915

Carpenter family, San Rafael, 1912

Trekking to Siete Picos, Sierra de Guadarrama, 1890

Skiers in Navacerrada Port, Cercedilla,1925

Monday, 25 April 2016


Our Erasmus+ third meeting has been in
Sofia, Bulgaria. Great place and great people!!
On Sunday April 10th, Cristina, a collegue of mine, and me, picked up our three students from school and went together to the airport.

They were very happy about the trip, looking forward to see their new friends.

We arrived to Sofia in the afternoon. Verginia and the host families were there, waiting for us. Students went with the bulgarian families, and we went to see Verginia's son in action. He is a great dancer!

Next day, Monday 11st, the rest of the partners arrived to Sofia. After meeting in the Hotel and make the presentations, we all were for a wellcome dinner.

On Tuesday 12nd, we all went to Artis School. We met Verginia near the National Palace of Culture, and went together to the school.

Teachers at the entrance of Artis School. Our students were just in classes, having lessons with the rest of the students

I love this kind of welcome!!!

We visited all the school and knew all the staff.

 All students working together

And so the teachers...

Steffi made a presentation about her experience in Artis School

And Artis school teachers explained the Suggestopedia method to us.

We visited some classrooms

And attended some lessons...

Workshops were very dynamic and interesting

All students were motivated

We also went to South Park for some team sports.

After lunch at school, some more lessons, workshops and theatre

And last, nice presents from parents...

All was delicious...

On Wednesday 13rd, we arrived to Essence Center early in the morning. It was the day for school presentations about our project.

Polish students in action, with the help of their teacher, Kasia.

Then was the time for Bulgarian group. Good job!

Third place for us, Spanish team!!

Great audience!!

Andrea, explaining the activities they had prepared.

Nice girls!

Then it was the time for Italian group. They made an interesting activity involving all students.

And last, but not least, Greek team. Greek team came to Sofia without students, so Evangelos asked Stella for explaining his presentation.

She prepared it five minutes before, and she did it perfect! Great, Stella!

After presentations, students took part in some activities prepared by Verginia. They worked in mixed groups with students from different countries, so they were forced to speak in English all time!!

A little break before lunch...

All students in front of the National Theatre IvanVazov

Then we all went for lunch in a very nice restaurant.

After lunch, we all went for a tour around Sofia

Sveti Sedmachislenitsi Church

University of Sofia

National Library

National Academy of Arts

Sveti Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Sveti Sofia Basilica

Sveti Nikolay Russian Church

The changing of the Guards in front of the Presidency

Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets Church

National Assembly

On Thursday 14th, we went to Vitosha Mountain.

First we visited the Visitor Center.

A guide explained to us the most intenteresting things we had to know about the Park

We tried to see some birds...

And then, we were able to hear some different birdcalls.

After that, we went to Aleko.

We went for a walk around Aleko area.

Bistrishko Branishte Natural Reserve

Cherni Vrah Peak

After lunch in Aleko, we went to visit Boyana Church, UNESCO World Heritage

After Boyana Church visit, we went back to Sofia by bus. Parents picked students up and teachers went to hotel by walking.

A shower and a little rest after we were having dinner in a Bulgarian typical restaurant.

A great farewell dinner!!

Friday 15th was the departure day. Students said goodbye in the airport with the tears in their eyes. They have lived an experience they will never forget...
See you in Italy, my friends!