Wednesday, 14 October 2015

"Bernardo Dovizi" Comprehensive Institute of Bibbiena-Arezzo-Tuscany-Italy


"School of excellence leaves no one behind"

Our school, Istituto Comprensivo Statale Bernardo Dovizi, is located in Bibbiena which, with a population of about 10,000 inhabitants, is the main town of Casentino Valley, in north-eastern Tuscany.

Welcome to our school, a state school in the sector of compulsory education, comprised of a Nursery School, Primary School and Secondary School. Each school is located in its own premises and serves students from the townand its surrounding areas.
There are 29 classes for a total of 648 students aged 3 to 13, including 195 coming from both European and extra-European countries. The teaching staff has 63 members.

"M. Mencarelli" Nursery School

"L.Gori" Primary School

"G.Borghi" Secondary School

The percentage of foreign students in our school is very high (30,09%) – in fact, it is one of the highest in the provincial district. So our aim is providing our foreign students, and all our pupils, a welcoming environment facilitating integration and inclusion of diversity. It means to provide students with diversified activities and a range of strategies appropriate to their learning needs.In order to promote full integration and give equal opportunities to both disabled students and the ones with special educational, physical or emotional needs our school implements personalised educational syllabuses and special projects, sometimes in agreement with the other schools in our area. Our Institute is in fact the leader of the Network of Casentino Schools, which includes five Comprehensive Institutes and two High schools.

Our Headteacher Dr. Silvana Gabiccini

We are also very proud of our Musical Section (Secondary school) with its "B.Dovizi Orchestra" which promotes the development of musicality, the maturation of the personality and the sense of belonging to a group.

Last year our school has become Casentino Inclusion Centre and UNESCO Associated School for planning and promoting activities about peace, human rights and intercultural learning. Besides in 2014 our school was awarded the title of “school of excellence”, as a result of its participation in the three-year-long VSQ project nationwide to improve, monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students; the main reason for this acknowledggment is that the Institute "B.Dovizi" leaves no one behind.

Some projects of our school

SNOW PROJECT: five days skiing in Brenta Dolomites, amazing views, sport and friendship!!

EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP: to promote active citizenship and become citizens of Europe

PET THERAPY: to explore our emotions, spaces and needs changing our point of view

SCHOOL FESTIVAL: at the end of each school year, a day of games, sport and fun :)))


  1. Complimenti Elisabetta , l'intervento è rappresentativo!! Claudia

  2. Complimenti Elisabetta , l'intervento è rappresentativo!! Claudia

  3. Good job, Eli. Congratulations for you and your students!

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