Thursday 15 October 2015

VITOSHA mountain and my love for it!

To speak about Vitosha mountain and its beautiful landscapes is something that makes me feel very proud.
Let us say that in Europe, Sofia is the only capital that is situated at the foot of a mountain. And this lovely mountain is called Vitosha.  All this makes the panorama of Sofia beautiful and attractive not only for us, the citizens, but to all foreigners who come to visit our country.
 The perfect view of Vitosha grasps one’s heart at first sight. Personally I like to go up the mountain during the weekends. There, among the tall fir-trees, under their deep shades I feel quite well and in perfect harmony with nature.
 In summer I like to sit in the meadows among the beautiful flowers and sweet-scented herbs. There I can sit and draw for hours the magnificent scenery which surrounds me.
  Frankly speaking, I like Vitosha in summer time very much, but I like it best in winter.
 In winter time Vitosha is covered with a thick blanket of snow. From a distance it seems quite calm and reserved in its white coat. But when you go up its slopes you can meet a lot of people, young and old, small children and students who are enjoying the perfect stillness of the environment. If you feel tired after a long walk you can go to a small cottage, a chalet, or a restaurant to refresh yourself with a cup of hot tea.
If you want to be strong and fit, you can go skiing, coasting down the hills on a sledge or snowboarding. Small children like to play snowballs or make a snowman. They feel so happy and cheerful playing in the mountain together. 

If all those are not enough reasons for a person to feel proud of living in such close contact with nature I can’t find another one, because living in harmony with nature is the best thing that makes you a real PERSON!
Stella Gurtsilidu, Artis school, Sofia, Bulgaria