Wednesday 2 December 2015


We are making this report in Soto del Real, a week after our first Erasmus+ meeting.
Our dear partners arrived to Madrid Airport on Monday 23th. 
Emilio de la Fuente and me, Mar Espinosa picked them up in the airport on Monday afternoon. We arrived to Soto del Real nearly 20.00 p.m, and accompained to our guests to Prado Real Hotel in Soto.

On Tuesday 24th, Emilio and me accompained them from de hotel to our school. After introduced them to our Head of Studies, Principal, Staff and Teachers, we showed them the school, including classrooms, library, teachers departments, teachers room, meeting rooms, laboratories, art classes...

After that, our collegues from Bulgary, Vergi and Inna told us many things about their school and about Vitosha Park. It was really interesting.

And, then, suddenly, presents appeared!!!
Beautiful drawings from bulgarian students. Great artists, without any doubt!!
One for our greek partners, Evangelos and Konstantinia...

Other for our polish collegues, Kasya, Kamil and Wojciech...

One for our italian friends, Eli and Paola...

And one for us!  Beautiful!

Our Principal, Esteban, and our Head of Studies, Carmen were impressed!

There were also presents from Poland...


And Italy...

Thank you very much to all of you!!

After so many emotions, we made a break for a coffee, and our guests were able to taste our typical croissants "manolitos". Nice...

After a coffee we were ready to continue with the presentation of Kasya and Kamil.

Kasya told us about their school and Kamil about Kampinoski National Park in Poland. Awesome! 

Then was the time for Konstantinia and the presentation of Crete National Park. We are looking forward to see it "in situ". Wonderfull place!

Elisabetta gave us a great explanation of the italian National Park, Foreste Casentinesi, and after that, we went all together to have lunch to a restaurant near the school. It is called "La Perola", and our friends were able to taste some typical food as "judiones" and "callos".

After lunch, we went back to school. It was the time for spanish presentation. 
Three of our students from Bachillerato helped us to show to our guests something about Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.
. Ana María Prieto, Candela Estrada and María Escrivá. You did it perfectly!!

Thanks to all of you, including Alfredo. Good job!!

Next day, on Wednesday 25th, we visited La Pedriza.
First of all, a short walk in Quebrantaherraduras area.

Then, a longer route from Canto Cochino parking, up to Collado Cabrón, and the return to Canto Cochino through other different path.

A viewpoint after Collado Cabrón.

A typical explorer..

Ahhh, no... I was confused... It is Emilio!!

Then the bus picked us up to Manzanares el Real, and we visited the Manzanares el Real Castle.

Our "explorer" explanations...

And then a quite good meal in "El Refugio" in La Pedriza.
As you can see, Emilio continues with his explanations. What a fantastic partner!!!

That evening, Emilio, Alfredo and me, accompained to our guests to Madrid.

Fantastic views of the Real Palace.

Templo de Debod.

Catedral de la Almudena.

And at 20.00 in the evening we went back to Soto del Real.

On Thursday 26th, we went to Puerto de La Morcuera. From there we were able to see Peñalara Mountain.

After a short and windy walk in Morcuera we went to El Paular, in Rascafría Valley.

Santa María de El Paular Monastery.
And Emilio explaining...  :)

Alfredo in Puente del Perdón.

Finlandeses sauna

We also visited the Visitor Center in El Paular. Raul, a friend of Alfredo, works there.

It was time for Raul explanations...

They keep the seeds in the fridge...

After saying goodbye to Raúl, we went to Puerto de Cotos.

Only a short walk through Peñalara area, because the ground was too frozen and dangerous.

We also visited de Visitor Center and saw a very nice video about the Pañalara area restoration.
That day, we had lunch in Venta Marcelino, and went back to Soto del Real.
Our guests left Soto del Real on Friday 27th at 7.00 in the morning. A bus picked them up to the airport.
We have to say we have made a good aproach to your countries, to your schools and to your Parks, and we are looking forward to continuing working in this project.
Dear collegues...See you in Crete!!


  1. nice photo report and a fantastic meeting , congratulations

  2. nice photo report and a fantastic meeting , congratulations