Sunday, 29 November 2015

First meeting SPAIN - SOTO DEL REAL

4th DAY - Rascafria, Puerto de Cotos, Penalara

A very windy day, but...what a beautiful view!!!

Puente del Perdòn

Visitors Centre Puente del Perdòn

Thanks Raul for your time and explanations... :))
Collection of seeds: a tresure...

Aggiungi didascalia

And now up the mountains....Penalara!!

Visitors centre

Some info about the Park, its history, its mission and vision. 
Very nice... no words only images... the message is clear!! ;))

It was a busy and interesting day...wind, snow, ice, the warmth of a refuge where we can share good food and friendship. We left Guadarrama National Park with a positive feeling: protection is possible, recovery is possible as well as environmental sustainability. And a reflection comes in our mind after these days spent talking about the Parks in our country: there are different regulations, different protections, different permissions ... maybe we could work to conform them, to create laws that are not only rules to follow but universal values...give our small contribution because every Park belongs to everyone then every park is everyone's business.

5th DAY - We go back home!!!

Last gift from Spain: a wonderful sunrise!!!

Barajas airport, Terminal 4

The check in then....

Goodbye Spain, it was lovely our time here!!!
See you in Crete ;-)))

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