Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Last week we were in La Pedriza, in an Erasmus+ activity, with two groups of students of 1º E.S.O. (12 years old). We are preparing the first part of our future Didactical Guide of the Park: "Origin and Configuration of the Park".
Two teachers came with me and the students: Sergio Oriol, Geography and History teacher and Aurora Martín, Biology and Geology teacher. They are being a big help for the project!!

    Previously, we made a  presentation about Sierra de Guadarrama National Park in Geography and Arts classes, giving basic information to the students about the main characteristics of the Park.

 Then, Biology, Geology and Geography teachers explained about flora, animals, types of rocks , maps lecture and level curves lecture.
Students, in groups, had also to look for information about different aspects of the Park: flora, fauna, geology, climate conditions, ecosystems, rivers,  wetlands and cultural interesting places.

Then, we prepared at school with students a walking route through La Pedriza (Canto Cochino-Collado Cabrón-Cancho de los Muertos-Canto Cochino)

And, finally, we did a guided walking route in La Pedriza with students and teachers, taking photos and identifying geological elements. Students had a guide with the main elements of the park in which they have to pay attention on.

Later on, students will have to make a document with the information founded during the route, including photos. They also have to design a tourist brochure of the Park, promoting the walking route they have studied before. 

Here are our students climbing up to Collado Cabrón.

All os us having lunch at Collado Cabrón.

Then, a little more walk to Cancho de los Muertos.

Aurora taking photos

Our students jumping like goats...

After some more photos, we went back to Collado Cabrón.

And from Collado Cabrón we went down  to Canto Cochino.
Great day!!

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