Monday 8 February 2016

Polish students who will visit Crete

Hey yo, my name is Maciek.
I’m 13, and live in the central part of Warsaw.
I’m a student of the same school as the other two , so there’s no point in writing its long, long name.
I’m not interested in sports, nor do i like Star Wars (I always thought that Star Trek is a way better).
I love video games, especially RPGs.
I try to skip on learning just as much as we all do, but I haven’t had any bigger problems so far.
The only sport I don’t hate all that much is tennis (I even play it once a week)
If I were to pick one school subject that I kind of like it would be Ethics, because that’s the only one where you can just talk with the teacher and not get judged or  graded.
And this is me...

My name is Piotr.
I am fourteen years old.
I live in the suburbs of Warsaw. 
I am interested in various arts of sport, but football is my favorite one.
I am a member of the Kosa Konstancin football club, where I train 3 times a week, and play as a central forward in the regional football league.
I am also a big fan of the Star Wars universe (movies, books, games).
I like to travel, learn new things and to meet new people!
This is me…