Saturday, 22 October 2016


The adventure began before summer vacances, when Emilio asked our students to prepare a work for having the oportunity to go to Italy with the Erasmus+ project. 
Álvaro, Maitane and María were the winners!!
After holidays, in september, they prepared the presentation for the project meeting in Bibbiena, with the help of Emilio and Sara, one of our English language teachers.

And finally, the 10th of October arrived...

We arrived to Bologna airport in the morning, so we had time to spend a few hours in the city. Emilio was our guide...

In the afternoon we went back to the airport for waiting for Polish and Bulgarian teams. Eli was also there.
We all travelled by bus to Bibbiena. Before arriving to Bibbiena, we visited the National Park Visitor Centre in Badia Prataglia.
Families were waiting for us in Bibbiena. It was a warm wellcome.

On Tuesday we all met at school.

We visited the kindergarten...

the primary school...

and the secondary school...

In the afternoon, we worked on the project with the presentation of activities about  ”The Park Today: current dynamic of the park”.

First the spanish team...

Then, Polish team...

Bulgarian team...

and italian team...

Students workshops...

On Wednesday we went to Florencia.

Palazzo Pitti

We met there with our guide.

We visited the Palatine Gallery where we can admire a lot of works of famous artists like Raffaello, Tiziano, Caravaggio... and see the palace of Medici family.  

Then, a City tour with the tourists guide.

Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, the famous Baptistery and Giotto's bell tower

Piazza Signoria and Santa Croce

Ponte Vecchio

On Thursday we visited Badia Prataglia for a trekking activity with students and teachers (Campo dell'Agio, Buca delle Fate, Il Capanno, Badia Prataglia)

In the afternoon we visited Poppi castle

An then a farewell dinner prepared by Italian families at the secondary school of I.C. "B.Dovizi"

Thanks to all teachers, students and families. It has been an amazing experience for us.

On Friday morning we all went back to Bologna airport by bus, visiting the geosite of Foreste Casentinesi National Park during the trip.

Now, we are just looking forward to go to Poland to meet you again. 
Bye, dear friends!!!

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