Saturday 8 October 2016

The lesson for primary school students

Here is the team of 4 Polish students who are going to visit I.C. "B. Dovizi" School  in Bibbiena, Italy soon.

Alicja, Magda, Maja and Filip - they will all meet their Erasmus+ friends in Bibbiena to share their knowledge about the national parks and how to maintain them.

On 27th September our Erasmus+ team visited the younger students from our primary school to carry out a lesson on the Kampinos National Park. They introduced the topic with a talk about the park. They asked questions about national parks in general and Kampinos in specific. On this occasion they revised the directions of the world too. See in the photos what the lesson looked like.
Next they divided the kids into groups and then they worked in 4 teams. They used flashcards they had prepared earlier. They used them to talk about threats to Kampinos and good sides of the Park. They taught the nine-year-olds how to recognise and avoid danger done to the park by people. They also focused on advantages that Kampinos has to offer.

Next they taught English a bit - they asked the younger students to give the English names of the objects and phenomena they could see on the flashcards.
Next Magda presented the winning presentation about the Kampinos National Park which she had prepared for the school competition on the park. She will show it during our visit in Bibbiena in Italy.

 All the primary students were glad to have such a lesson and thanked our Erasmus+ team with an applause!

Thanks third-graders and see the other Erasmus+ teams in Italy:)

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