Tuesday 17 November 2015

About my school

Gimnazjum nr 14 im. Jana Gutenberga
Fundacji Szkolnej

Hi, my name is Hania. I'm 13 years old. For 7 years now I’ve been at the same school which is called Szkoła Podstawowa i Gimnazjum im. Jana Gutenberga. After school I go rock climbing every Wednesday and Friday.
My school is located in Warsaw, in Poland. My school is quite big. We've got more than 20 classrooms! You can get lost in there, at least I got lost several times... Behind the school is a football pitch, a playground and a lot of open space. 
In Poland we learn in 3 types of school:
·         Primary school (grades 1-6)
·         Secondary school (grades 1-3)
·         High school (grades 1-3).
Right now I'm in the first grade of secondary school. In my school we choose the 'Lider' from all the students. It's a person who can change our school to be more comfortable. He's in my class. His name is Michał Forycki. For example, he is responsible for a competition called         'Master John Class'. Every month there is a challenge, for example this month we had to wear only white clothes! And this is my class.

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